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Every year during the Summer Solstice the Great Shaman would attempt to contact The Spirit of Everything. All of the local tribes would send their young and talented Apprentices to aid the Shaman. They would spend four days and nights fasting, meditating and preparing to commune with nature. On the fourth night, they were ready to aid in the summoning ceremony. In turn, each one would chant an invocation, demanding that The Spirit of Everything make one of the totemic animals of their tribe appear. However, let’s be honest, after four days with no food or proper rest, some of those invocations can be tough to remember.

Waka Tanka, from designer Bruno Faidutti, is a game about bluffing, pushing your luck, and knowing when to call the other players out on their lies. The goal is to be the first player to get rid of all of their Animal cards or be the first to collect four Apprentice tokens. Players gather around the totem pole and place the six animal tiles around the pole in a circle with the wooden marker on one of the tiles. All of the Animal cards are dealt out, and then players are ready to begin summoning the Great Spirit.

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