Way of the Panda: A Return to the Homeland

Xian lies on the Eastern edge of the Panda Kingdom. It was a region filled with bustling cities, vibrant markets, strong warriors, and honest leadership. But ages ago, a brotherhood of human Ninjas attacked and drove out the panda populace, taking Xian for themselves. The have controlled the territory for what seems like forever. What was once one of the most important locations to the pandas, now exists only in the whispers and legends of those that once knew it. All that is about to change! 

With a new Emperor sitting atop the Black Lotus Throne, the time is right to take back what rightfully belongs to the pandas. Four ancient Panda clans will put aside their differences and fight to take back control of Xian. The alliance between the White Fist, Yellow River, Night Lily, and the Sand Fox, is a tentative one. However, they have the shared goal of purging the land of the Ninja menace. But they will also be competing to earn the most honor and take their place beside the Emperor to rule over Xian. Only one Clan will prevail!

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