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Ragnarök. The end of the world. The cataclysmic event that will end everything. It must be stopped. The Norns seek to stop Ragnarok, gazing into the potential-futures of powerful warriors, each with their own skills and special abilities they bring to the fight. It is only by combining the hero’s various strengths and skills that they will overcome. In this article for God of War: The Card Game, we take a look at the different Heroes players can control in the game and see just what sets them apart from one-another.

Each Hero in God of War: The Card Game has their own unique dashboard as well as a starting deck of 14 cards, tailor-made to the Hero’s strengths and playstyle. The dashboard shows the Hero’s health total as well as their special Rage ability. Whenever a player uses a card with the Rage symbol on it, they can move their token along the Rage track. When it reaches the end of the track, the player can unleash their Rage and greatly affect the game board. As for the starting deck, they give players the various attack powers and other specials that the Hero is versed in right at the start of the game.

We’ll begin our Heroes tour with Kratos, star of the God of War series. He has a robust 10 health and a Rage track that is five spaces long, a little on the higher side for track lengths. However, when he does unleash his fury, he gains a mighty +3 to his attack and heals 3 as well. His starting deck is very straightforward, consisting only of attack and defense cards. And, even then, his attacks far outweigh his defenses. Kratos is well-suited at dealing out damage, and plenty of it. His high health total will hopefully keep him in the fight, since his lack of many defense cards could leave him wounded quickly.

From Kratos, we move to his son, Atreus, affectionally called simply, “Boy!” by his father. Not being nearly as robust as Kratos, Atreus has seven health points. His Rage track is only four spaces long, however, meaning that he will be able to utilize its ability more often. When his is used, two enemies take two damage apiece that cannot be blocked. It’s good for killing off final bits of enemy forces with guaranteed damage. As for his starting deck, Atreus follows in his father’s footsteps, containing mostly attack cards with very few defense cards. While the numbers on the cards aren’t quite the same power level as Kratos (which is to be expected, he is just a lad), they are solid, and can also do things like Stun the enemy or pierce through their armor easily.

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