Zombicide: Green Horde – Emerald Waves of Undead

It was well known that the zombie plague wasn’t limited to just humans. Undead wolves and crows had been harassing the living since the beginning of the outbreak, and various methods had been utilized to deal with those threats. It seemed as though the worst might be over. But then, way out at the edge of human civilization, on the borderlands that led to Orc territory, reports started coming in that the plague had spread even to those remote regions, aided along by Orc Necromancers. Worse still, the Orcish undead were massing in huge groups, sending enormous hordes of zombies into towns, leaving nothing behind but blood stains and gnawed bones. Survivors in these far-flung regions had to adapt new tactics when dealing with this onslaught. They’ve learned to use the countryside’s hedgerows and grazing ponds as places to trap and disorient zombies. The massive trebuchets that once protected towns from raiders are now being put to use against Orc zombies. Zombicide: Green Horde is the stand-alone expansion to Zombicide: Black Plague, and this time, the zombies are bigger, meaner, and greener.

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