Zombicide: Green Horde – Life and Death in Opposition

The zombie plague is going strong. All manner of creatures have succumb to the horrible disease, created by the Necromancers and spread through the bite of those affected. It would be truly horrible enough if it were just the humans dealing with the fallout, but orcs are also turning undead and going wild. And the plague is definitely not content with stopping there. But with the very survival of life itself on the line, it’s not just humans that are fighting back. Trusty companions of all kinds have taken up arms, looking to survive this awful time. The Friends and Foes and No Rest for the Wicked expansions for Zombicide: Green Horde bring all manner of new undead and new heroes to games of Zombicide: Black Plague. Let’s take a look at each and see just what new dangers and new opportunities are there for the Survivors.

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