Zombicide: Invader – Gameplay

Humans didn’t come to this rock looking for a war, but that’s what they got. Sure, everything started off fine. Scientists had discovered a powerful new fuel source, Xenium, which, once refined, would make exploring the far reaches of the galaxy a reality. Problem was, it could only be found deep below the surface of PK-L7, a small planet floating out in the middle of nowhere. Still, the value of the Xenium was too great to ignore, and money is a pretty strong motivating factor. 

Soon, a small mining base was being built on PK-L7 and Civilians from all over the world were being shuttled out there to extract the dark, oily soup. Along for the ride were a bunch of hardened international Soldiers, just in case. There was a lot of money on the line and it made sense to protect the investment.

It was in the deep, winding tunnels where the first attacks occurred. Most of the miners were killed, but those that survived told stories of primitive, aggressive creatures, which would become known as Xenos. These monsters followed the survivors back up to the surface… to the base.

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