Zombicide: Invader Kickstarter is Live

Exploring the far reaches of the galaxy was still a dream when a forward scouting mission discovered the small planet PK-L7. Initial tests indicated that deep below the surface there was a powerful fuel source, Xenium, that could turn the dream of interstellar travel into a reality. This discovery kicked off a ‘gold rush’ reaction, with a mining base being set up and international Civilians and Soldiers making tracks for the planet. However, humans weren’t the first creatures to start extracting the Xenium.

The Xenos were a mysterious, but peaceful, race of creatures that were collecting Xenium for their own purposes. Communication with them was impossible, so humans and Xenos kept to themselves… but something has changed. Out of nowhere, the Xenos have become incredibly aggressive, attacking humans with a single-minded drive to kill. The Civilians and Soldiers will have to band together as Survivors if they hope to get off this planet alive!


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