Zombicide: Invader – Meet the Xenos

The future had brought incredible advances in technology, allowing humans to reach beyond the confines of the Earth and explore nearby stars. However, the science was still in its infancy, and mankind was left searching for a new form of fuel that could propel their vessels deep into the galaxy. Already, people had made contact with alien species, some friendly, some wary, but it was when a scouting mission came across PK-L7, they began to believe their dreams of intergalactic travel would become a reality. There they discovered Xenium, a sticky, black fossil fuel that would give them the very power they had been searching for. It wasn’t long before a mining base was set up and international workers and scientists made their way to the planet to start to cash in on the find and the great potential it held. Of course, with so much money on the line, it made sense to also send some military personnel for security purposes.

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