Zombicide Invader Screaming To Tabletops

Humanity has spread out into the stars. However, transportation is slow and there’s a hunt on for finding a new energy source. The answer to people’s prayers was seemingly found on PK-L7 in the form of Xenium. This miracle substance could be harnessed to fill the energy needs of humanity for generations to come. But first, it needed to be mined. The planet PK-L7 is incredibly remote, and setting up operations there wasn’t easy. Companies sent workers and soldiers alike to the little rock in order to establish colonies. At first, everything was easy. While there was an alien lifeform found on the planet, it kept to itself and didn’t interfere with the construction or mining. However, that all changed. Something happened to the aliens and they became murderous, acting more like undead zombies than a peaceful alien race. Now, it’s a fight for survival in the depths of space. Who will make it out alive?

Zombicide: Invader takes the Zombicide saga to the far-off planet of PK-L7 in an all-new, stand-alone game. The mining facilities there had been home to workers and soldiers when the Xenos suddenly started attacking. Nobody is quite sure what happened, but now it’s up to the survivors to make it off the planet. Of course, that’s easier said than done.

Players in Zombicide: Invader take on the role of these few last living inhabitants of the planet. Survivors are split up between Civilians and Soldiers. Highly adaptable, Civilians are able to search in any zone on the map, looking for supplies to help aid in their escape. Soldiers aren’t quite as capable of finding items, only being able to search in designated areas. However, their military training has left them hardier, able to shrug off extra damage from Xenos before they fall.

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