Zombicide: Invader – The Survivors of PK-L7

The residents of PK-L7 didn’t all show up at the same time. They trickled in to the small, barren planet on transport ships over the last few months. Some were scientists and miners, just there for a job, looking to explore the planet and extract the powerful fuel called Xenium as efficiently as possible. Others were soldiers that had been hand-picked or volunteered for the mission, to protect the Xenium fields, the facilities, and investments. 

The Civilians and the Soldiers didn’t mix much… in the beginning. They regarded each other with the natural distrust that comes with groups of people that rarely come in contact with one-another. The Civilians considered the army folk to be meatheads, ticking time bombs ready to go off at the slightest provocation. The Soldiers felt their judging glances, secure in the knowledge that if stuff really hit the fan, the Civilians wouldn’t stand a chance without them. Little did they know that their theory was about to be tested, and these two groups were going to have to come together if they hope to get off the planet alive.

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