Zombicide: The Heroes of Green Horde

The plague swept through the Orc population in no time. The masses were infected in the blink of an eye, and although they lost their intelligence, it was replaced by a need to feast of the flesh of the living. Orcs were already stronger than the average human, but now they have a single-minded focus that would make even the most battle-hardened warrior quake in their boots.  

The human population that lived on the borders of the Orcish lands fell fast. They were victims of what the locals began to call the Green Horde. From nowhere, it would strike the citizenry, leaving nothing but death and destruction in its path. It was a giant mass of Orcs and goblins in various shapes and sizes, with but one goal: to kill humans.  

Few survived, but those that did faced the Horde with a steely new resolve. They were determined to defend heir land and exact revenge for the carnage that was left behind.  

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