Zombicide: White Death Design Diary 1 – Welcome to Wintergrad

Hi everyone! This is Nicolas Raoult, one of the designers of Zombicide, including the latest addition to the family, Zombicide: White Death!

I’m here today to walk you through the frozen landscape of Wintergrad and talk a bit about what to expect from this triumphant return of the Fantasy line. Zombicide Fantasy, whose family includes Black Plague, Green Horde, and its many expansions, is among the most beloved versions of the game. Until very recently, Zombicide: Green Horde was CMON’s biggest Kickstarter campaign, having raised over 5 million dollars. It is still, to this day one of our best-selling games in stores around the world. So, a new game in this era will have big shoes to fill! So, while sticking to things the players love about this medieval fantasy land, we also wanted to introduce new things, meet new characters, try different mechanics, and explore different parts of that universe. Enter White Death.

Far, far away from the western, sunny towns we saw in Black Plague and Green Horde, we reach the cold, besieged city of Wintergrad. In this faraway land live many creatures that the survivors on the western border would think are only legend. White Death introduces intelligent humanoid-animal-hybrid species. Meet Lorna from the mystical canine people called Kenshan, and Ogon, one of the Khanra, the cat people. They don’t have any sort of special rules players have to remember. They are just cool.

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