Zombie Crowz and Special Guest Artist Survivors Are Here!

The sky darkens and the chorus of beating wings is deafening. The plague has taken to the air, and the results are terrifying. The Murder of Crowz expansion for Zombicide: Black Plague introduces new Zombie Crowz miniatures. These flying vermin are infected with the plague that’s spreading across the countryside, and each one is like a swarm of death angels. The Crowz aren’t particularly tough to kill off, but they move very quickly and can ignore obstacles in their path. Each activation the Crowz get one action but can move up to three spaces. Where players were once safe hiding out in an abandoned shack or behind a barrier, they now have to contend with a pack of winged beasts squeezing through broken glass and holes in the wall. Once the Crowz have targeted their prey, there’s no deterring them. The highly detailed Crowz figures are as beautiful as they are deadly. As they populate the board players will feel the noose tightening, and if they don’t deal with the winged menace quickly, they can be overrun. It will completely change the approach players take in Black Plague.

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