Twilight Imperium: Corrupted Space

CMON Comics Vol. 2


14+ years old

About the Volume

Rumors of terrible creatures from beyond the stars haunt the galaxy’s FTL lanes, but Kenarr and the rest of her Banshee crew don’t usually concern themselves with hearsay, unless they are getting paid to do so. Hired by a mysterious figure to scout the edges of Shaleri space in search of reported “other-dimensional” incursions, Kenarr and her crew are about to discover just how dark and treacherous the universe has become. If they live long enough to report back their findings, the universe and all its alien species will never be the same… But that’s a big if.

Written by the acclaimed team of Ron Marz (Silver Surfer) and Andy Lanning (Guardians of the Galaxy) and beautifully illustrated by Netho Diaz (G.I. Joe), this original graphic novel is set within the universe of the wildly popular Twilight Imperium gaming franchise.

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